With this album he wanted to give a different approach to the harmonica, a more protagonic role and show other facets of this instrument that is generally a 2nd plane instrument.

NUEVOS AIRES contains 10 tracks + 1 bonus track. Half of the songs are original and the other half of non original songs adapted and arranged for harmonica. Most of them are instrumental tracks that go from classic blueses to songs that go from funk to swing, through monouche jazz and rock to the peculiar style of this group.


  1. Juke Radio Blues 4:13
  2. Nuevos Aires Radio Blues 3:46
  3. Radio Blues - Little Bitty Pretty One Radio Blues 2:33
  4. Django Radio Blues 3:59
  5. William Radio Blues 3:52
  6. The Entertainer Radio Blues 2:43
  7. Yuki Radio Blues 4:18
  8. Born in Chicago Radio Blues 5:05
  9. Mr Cotton
  10. Careless Love Radio Blues 4:05
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Nuevos Aires

Title : Nuevos Aires
Release Date : June 27, 2017
Format : CD